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Valhalla Powdercats Ownership Opporunity

Nestled in the Selkirk Mountains of BC, Valhalla Powdercats has been professionally guiding snowcat clients since 2001.

Valhalla has recently renewed its 30-year License of Occupation land tenure on 10,724 ha (2600 acres) situated in the heart of the Valkry Range within the Valhalla Mountains. Valhalla moved to this location 10 years ago and has built an extensive network of cat roads and ski runs. Current operations are utilizing approximately 50% of this tenure, leaving a large portion of this tenure yet to be developed. Perhaps the gem of this renewed tenure is the highest approved lodge site in the cat ski industry, located on 1 hectare (2.47 acres) at 2134m (7000ft) by a stunning, centrally located, alpine.

The future possibilities for expansion and new ideas are limitless.

Valhalla Stats & Facts

  • Total Hectares -  10,724 hectares (26,499 acres)
  • Average Snowfall - 15m (49ft) in the Alpine
  • Average Season - December 26th to April 1st
  • Peak Elevation - 2400m (7874ft)
  • Huckleberry Weather Plot - 1800m (5905ft)

A Message from the Owner...

We are essentially selling a turn-key business with a proven track record and an experienced staff who are highly efficient at operating two guest cats daily. Since purchasing Valhalla 10 years ago, we have diligently worked on creating a better product each year, building new roads, creating new ski zones, increasing brand awareness, as well as upgrading all the equipment. These efforts coupled with a recent BC Government moratorium that is not allowing any new mechanized winter applications, or expansion outside of any existing tenures in the Selkirk Mountains, brings real value to this opportunity. With strong international currencies, there has been no better time than the present to purchase a Canadian Cat Ski business.

Whether you are intimately acquainted with Valhalla, or are just getting to know it, the magic of these mountains lies waiting to be discovered.

-Patric Maloney

The Valhalla Tenure

  • 87 designated ski runs
  • The red box - zoomed in for lodge location in tenure
  • Red cat roads are existing
  • Black dotted roads are approved for future development

Pre-Approved Potential Lodge Site

Lodge Site Stats

  • Lodge Site sits at 2134m (7000ft)
  • One hectare approved site for private lodge and shop
  • Well maintained snowcat access roads leading into the approved lodge site area
  • Lodge approved for capacity of 18 (12 guests, 6 staff)

Lodge Site Setting

  • Located at a stunning alpine lake site
  • Imagine waking up deep in the Valhalls, lakeside with your private cat waiting out the front door..
  • Stunning views in all directions looking out at your own ski runs
  • Ideal for elite, private members cabin

Experience Valhalla Powder Cats

Valhalla Powdercats Assets

Valhalla Awaits...

Only accepting offers at asking price or above asking price $2,400,000.00 Cdn

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